Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we experience at various times of the day whether we are aware of it or not. Hypnosis is a state in which through focused attention, and increased internal awareness we can bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind and communicate more directly with the subconscious mind.
Your subconscious is shown to be responsible for 90-98% of your brain function and house your beliefs, habits, thought patterns, emotions, values and memories. By using hypnosis, we can effectively communicate with your subconscious mind in ways that it can understand and accept, to create healing and sustainable change.

Rest assured, if you want to experience hypnosis - YOU CAN!
 In fact, you already experience many natural trance states without realizing it. Have you ever been driving, only to arrive at your destination with little recollection of the trip? How about being so absorbed in a movie or a book that the outside world seems to fade away? Have you gotten lost in conversation and hours seem to pass like minutes? These are all forms of hypnosis!
You brain is naturally entering in and out of these hypnotic states all of the time. By working with me or any other trained hypnotist you can teach yourself to harness this powerful, natural ability of your mind and use it to experience radical transformation. 

Just as we know that everyone is unique, and experiences life differently, you can experience hypnosis in your own unique way. While some may not experience any particular physical sensations, others report experiencing pleasant physical sensations such as floating, tingling, lightness or heaviness. I find that I have a slightly different experience every time and the more you can be open to the experience and however it translates for you in that particular moment in time the more benefit you will receive. Every client I've ever worked with has left the session describing feelings of greater relaxation and ease.