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Success doesn't happen by accident.

It requires training, practice and dedication to your craft.

But what happens when you've put in the hard work and you still feel like you aren't meeting your potential?

If this is you - you're not alone.

Many high achievers are plagued with self doubt,performance anxiety, sleep issues, and injury blocks that can wreak havoc on their performance.

Whatever has brought you to this page today, rest assured knowing that help is available.

You deserve to feel your best so that you can perform your best.

By utilizing a therapeutic approach to coaching and practical neuroscience techniques I'll teach you to quickly and effectively repattern old habits and beliefs, so that you can start thinking and acting in ways that support your goals, and feel amazing in the process.

What if you could go further faster?

Top performers know that you have to make every moment count.

Mental Performance is the key to to making the most of your hard work by mastering your mind.

Peak Performance Coaching provides the tools and development to help you conquer negative mental habits and build positive thought patterns so that you can:

  • Install your Winner's Mindset
  • Create confidence on demand
  • Forge mental toughness and resilience 
  • Improve your Mind-Body connection

Elizabeth Sterling

By the way, hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am an IACT Certified Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach based out of Denver, CO who uses a combination of hypnosis, journaling, NLP, EFT and coaching that creates powerful changes for my clients. 

As a ballet coach and former professional dancer I am exceptionally thrilled to be bringing these tools into the dance world because I know, first-hand, just how life-changing these tools can be within the dance community. 

I love empowering people and am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity each day in presenting these amazing resources into the lives of those who need it most so they can overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that are holding them back.

You can achieve your dreams without sacrificing your body or your mental health. Let me show you how!