About Me

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

 I'm an IACT Certified Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach and if you are looking for change - you're in the right place!

My passion is helping people break through what's been holding them back so they can step into their fullest expression.

I believe every single person (yes, especially you) has unique giftings and resources inside of them and it is my honor to help my clients uncover their greatness and step into their peak potential.

As a former professional dancer, I spent years in the loop of believing I was the problem. Trying to improve myself through restriction, belittlement and endless hours of hard work.
At the young age of 22, I had already decided "I failed".
I was depressed, anxious and unhealthy even though I was supposedly living my dream.

I'm here to tell you - it doesn't have to be that way!

What if I told you that change is not only possible but it can be faster and easier than you've ever imagined?

I utilize a therapeutic approach to coaching and practical neuroscience techniques to teach you to quickly and effectively repattern old habits and beliefs to start thinking and acting in ways that support your goals and dreams, and to feel amazing along the way.

Ultimately, I care.
I'd love to hear more about your story and support you in creating a life that you love.

Ready to get started?